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Jul 22, 2011

0 What would you do, game: 2

I've always enjoyed hypotheticals/what-ifs; so much so that, I consider it a form of an intellectual game/entertainment. I never had anyone to play it with when I was younger, which comes to why I posted this:
I will post a hypothetical scenario, and then, you give your response with your reasoning as to why you would do that...
Simple enough?

Scenario 2:
While you are sleeping, someone breaks into your home (stealthily), they go upstairs and abducts your 13 year old girl/boy, and they make off with him/her into the night. When you do finally wake up to use the restroom, you wake by her/his room and find him/her missing... You search the house and found out that someone else was in here (your home) and that she/he is gone.
Then, you call the police, they scour the city, but to no prevail - she/he is not to be found. They search your home for clues and come up with a clue: a strange brand of candy wrapper lying beneath the bed of his/her room (but not so strange that she couldn't have gotten it from school).
But this is a big clue to you, if not the police, because you know of someone who eats those exact ones: your neighbor a couple blocks down. You know that he makes a lot of money, yet he never goes to work. You know that he has been friendly with your daughter/son and always seems to stare at him/her. So, you press the cops to search him/talk to him- and they do.
After talking to them, they come up with nothing, don't think he did it at all. He has an alibi (don't they all), and that he was home with is wife during that time (She even admits to making love to him all night long.)
It's been a couple days now, nothing is progressing, no clues, your certain that your neighbor did it.
What do you do?
Keep in mind that:
1. the police said they won't help you any further with him (he didn't do it): they will find her/him and follow all other leads.
2. Seems that the neighbor just got a lot of money recently, he is dressed in more expensive clothes than normal.
3. There are no other clues, and it's doubtful that anyone will call the hotline for a tip.

Take care,