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Jul 19, 2011

0 Sometimes I Wonder about the Power of Words, question

Sometimes I wonder about the power of words (since my blog is a spiritual panoply of literature), and if my writings have changed lives... If that change has been for the better or worst... If I've added any spiritual value, in which, this life we live... A lot of powerful questions that anyone should consider, very philosophical in nature.

Can one man really bring the fall of a nation, or reach/lift people out of the depths of poverty... You see nothing but greed in our society, and that greed is praised above all else. Companies have become kingdoms unto itself, and families have become dictatorships; how can our civilization/society survive in such turbulent/ambivalent times as these. Surely, a fall is coming if we don't change.

People like to blame the Devil/demons for all of our problems, but the reality of the matter is: we are just as evil to the core as such creatures. We've flourished and enriched the darkness within ourselves to a sinister/monstrous level of art; how are people be so blind... We have solutions/answers/remedies/knowledge that could help so many in ruin/despair, yet we choose not to act upon it, not to do it, and for what? Technicalities, probabilities, exceptions that we conjure/dream up to not act. We've got people dying from health problems; yet, most of these problems are treatable/curable; and to what end? Because of financial/monetary reasons, reasons of selfishness and disdain. What do they see in the mirror, when they look upon it...

We've got ways of growing crops of food, land which could be cultivated, energy and passion, but to what end? Do we put it to where it counts? No, people are left hungry/starving, and in ruin; starving from the greed of our monetary system; a system that has turned the abundant resources that God has provided, and turned it to scarce resource beyond many's reach.

This is the nature of human beings, and many more such examples could be quickly thought of/spoken. We've taken a world that could be as close to heaven as humanly possible, and made it into a hell for those that don't benefit from it/fit in.

People who we support have become billionaires, leaders of elaborate businesses/empires- and what do they do with their money? Do they put it back into the system to benefit humankind? Do they use it to solve the problems of our world? Do they do anything but horde/save their wealth as some form of demented trophies... To what end will people continue to produce such endeavors/people? What level of hypocrisy have we sunk to? And it is certain to get far worst.

We see human people/homeless people; we label them with degrading vulgarity: what do they think/comprehend when they act/reflect upon themselves? We have racism/hatred, over such silly things as: hair color, clothes, just about anything you can come up with- yet, it still seems to flourish just the same... We shield our eyes from the caustic nature of ourselves, and cover it up with improper tidings of humor/of improper conducts... And each generation seems to be getting more elaborate, worst, and life has become something subjective (not tangible or sustainable). Where are we heading? Do enough people ponder such realities/such life...

This has been your: Food for Thought,

Take care,