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Jul 16, 2011

1 Are you a Christian? Commentary

Are You a Christian...
...that believes the Bible to be the inspired word of God?

This is an interesting question- I really hate calling myself a Christian because of the stigma associated with it (Maybe hate is too strong of a wrong, lol). A lot of Christians have lived the exact opposite of Christ and yet, calls themselves Christians; for this reason, I dislike the term as abused by others. What I rather say is: I adhere to be Christ-like :) Or, I believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost and try to follow His teachings.

In any event, I strayed from the question: yes, I believe that the Bible is the Word of God, but, lately I rely more on the knowledge that the Holy Ghost provides me with (that lives inside of me). When you have the Holy Ghost inside of you, you can gain insight from Him, and gain help with reasonings that are circumstantial in nature (or in conflict).

As a tip for other Christians, the greatest commandment from God is to love; I think that no matter what the sin, no matter what the disagreement, we should fall back on love to bridge ourselves with others. For example, it would be silly to not help someone on Sabbath day, just because you are suppose to rest.

In conclusion, I leave you with this thought: I rather be born a sinner, and grow with God each and everyday, than to be born of perfection, and grow apart.

Take care,