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Dec 5, 2011

0 25 Life in a Day Documentary Inspired Quotes

The power to form your own opinion is what it all comes down to in this world called life.

Do you need people to be apart of what you do to make it meaningful? Perhaps not now, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but someday; do people need to be apart of you to give your life meaning...

What can restore faith in humanity and human nature once you loose it? That is the question... Can a single view of all of the good things in life do it...

When you look at all of the similarities in life and how similar we are, you start to realize: we really need more difference; we need difference because of how our world is and where it is heading; we need more difference considering how similar everyone is and how our world is very dim; Our world is like a flickering candle stick in urbanity; we need difference badly, change for the better; yet, we appalled the different and offer them no support...

Sometimes over thinking is good; other times over thinking is chaotic: you have to decide when is when.

Technology offers our society a facade to live beneath/overlay our lives with; it makes us look more civilized, intelligent, more proper and groomed, but what it all boils down to is: our human nature is still as dark as it always was, degrading to no return, with a few moments of sparkles and hopes.

We offer things up to get better things in return, what does that say about us? What happens when there is no redistribution of offerings and we are left only with what we have...

The world is a mess and the best representation of that is by how the world keeps it's rooms.

I always find it funny that people with rotting hearts always loves fictional characters with growing hearts: when all they have to do is nurture themselves; so the question then becomes: why do they love them so much if they don't want to be like them at all...

Are all of the good people dying off, or does dying off make you good...

I'm afraid to think when I've become inspired because of every thought that comes to mind needs to be written down and I'm lazy at heart...

What people consider a miracle one moment, they consider an abomination the next: that is just the nature of life...

How can something so beautiful turn so wretched so fast, that is the question we must ask ourselves before it can change...

What was once innocent is now tainted through my adult perspective.

Sometimes you ask a question and people answer it without ever knowing the question was asked: how similar we are and yet different.

The words we say to others without caring/considering the ramifications of those words. One of human beings gravest faults.

He earned 5 soles(souls) a day just for polishing shoes: awesome!

Drinking water out of a leaf one moment, throws it away the next: how something that once helped us live has become trash the next.

Funny how one moment can drown out all of the rest: that is the nature of life.

Seems how overly elaborate a wedding is, is oppositely proportional to how much love they have for one another.

Never get happy at the misfortune of others, learn from it so you know how to be.

All of the moments that happens in this world, make you think, makes you wonder about the nature of life; the nature of people.

My heart is a small hot air balloon, let it soar up into the abyss of heaven at night and find itself once again.

The things that we miss are the things that we should miss: for by missing them, we don't take them for granted; we don't eat away at them until nothing is left; we have them to appreciate when we have nothing else.

Everyone that gets me are either dying inside/outside or dead, sigh.

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