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Jul 18, 2011

2 My Personal Quandary

I've been contemplating how I fit into this world, and came across a personal quandary:
How can I come up with ideas/thoughts/logistics that fits into this world (belongs), and yet, I don't belong in this world itself as a tangible person? How can I share similarities in personality, spirit, and mind with others in this life, and yet, they don't see me as apart of it? Very deep and interesting/provoking thoughts. Similar to my logic a long time ago: If you're a Christian, love Jesus, you will be assured to be loved by other fellow Christians (since they love Jesus as well)...How naive I was...

I started thinking about this off and on for a while now: that people as fiction are accepted (but not their real counterparts). And it proposes an interesting question: Why this and not that... Could the subtle differences about people really deprive them of a substantial life. Could thinking this way- verses that, really cause a disharmonious ripple throughout your life. Could the superficiality of how you say it, destroy the value of what you said? Life is very transient...Very endearing of itself. Would authors/poets have been just as accepted if we personally knew them in real life? Or, is it just the thought that someone takes in, twists to their own outlook, that gets accepted...

And this leads to even more questions: I think that philosophical questions, are just questions that infinitely springs fourth more questions about yourself/your reality. People always degrades others based on financial income, as if monetary worth equates spiritual worth (and by proxy, your worth in this life). Why is that? Is that just another way to put yourselves on pedestals, while demeaning others. Could someone really make a substantial amount of income, if they are not accepted in any form in this life (don't provide something that would be accepted). It's not about the worth of what you give, but the worth of what other's deem it: that is what it all boils down too.

I leave you with this: Food for Thought

Take care,