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Aug 29, 2011

3 Christian poem about faith

Our relationship will stand strong
like watching a sunrise spring fourth
from the darkness we've known for so long

We shall wait for God's love
to touch and ripple throughout our lives
like a rock upon still water
within the weakness we will become strong

Like a prayer sent up to heaven
like a praise sprouted out in song
our eyes will become stronger
with each flash of dawn

Our bond will grow like sunflowers
with our lives becoming a trail of seeds
that drops upon the earth
and sprouts fourth good deeds

Our hunger will become spiritual
our cries will turn into praise
like the thunder that calls out in the heavens
lightening will fuel our days

Let us be as lightening rods
in a dark world that has gone astray
let us glorify God
as tribulations drops like rain


  1. Its so lovely poem and the person who is having faith on god will definitely love this one

  2. Lovely, like a cozy blanket on a cool morning. God´s love swaddles.

  3. An enjoyable piece; faith is a muscle that must be used daily; keep writing and glorifying God!

    -Joe Breunig
    Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory