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Jul 7, 2011

0 Medicare, Social Security cuts, Commentary

Where our country is heading is starting to get ridiculous (sadly so); They want to start making cuts to the Social Security/Medicare system (seeking 4 trillion dollars worth of funds (perhaps, elsewhere too- not sure)) in order to not default on our nation's debt, sigh; the same debt that, most likely, involved the bailout of corporations and businesses that misused funds. Some would say that Obama is bluffing (as if this was a poker game) with the lives of our people over tax hikes, but, would that make it any better? What if they call his bluff (if it even is one) what then? Sigh.

What will happen to all the elderly, all the disabled, all the people who depend on the small, monthly checks that they get from the government for their livelihood; the people who depend on medicare for their insurance. Are we going to start seeing elderly homeless, disabled homeless, people dying left and right, if this came to past?

Of course, they would never suggest that: the politicians and government officials that makes over a certain amount be cut, which would be the logical choice; they make far to much already, but, the question remains: will anyone do anything about it? You always hear people complaining about the amount of spending and paychecks that the government uses every day, yet you never see anyone doing anything to regulate it. We are suppose to be a country for the people/by the people/for the people, yet, our freedoms are slipping away from us; so, what do we do? 

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