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Mar 14, 2011

0 Japanese Crisis Commentary

Where to start, I am ashamed to be an American after seeing the appalling display online from our youth and adult community. I've read jokes at the expense of the Japanese dilemmas, read mockeries, and even statements hoping that they get nuked: a day before news about their nuclear power plant problems arise (Sigh).
Then I viewed twitter today, and #HelpJapan was the only trend for japan I saw, and that was promoted. Have people really stopped caring, already? Only worried about themselves and protesting amidst a crisis, using it is a disgraceful way to further their agendas.
I can't help but wonder, why aren't the Japanese getting food and resources as fast as they need them? With over 50 countries offering help, where are the news and organizations displaying this need? As a society (USA), we plaster the web and news with advertisements about the need for help, yet I barely see it this time. What I do see is: false headlines and misleading information, and other text not worthy to be read. Also, our reporters smirking at the misfortune of japan as they walk their streets and greet their people.
In conclusion, people need to stop focusing on such negativity and more on positive ways to help. They need to stop using this disaster as entertainment, as they sit back and watch from online and tv, and start participating in preventing even more deaths and misfortune. Where are the prayers? Where is the financial help? Where are the downtrodden heads? Where are the downtrodden faces? Really, just stop acting like monsters...

Take care,