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Feb 2, 2012

0 What Truth Is, introspective quote

Indeed: our souls/minds/hearts needs the ability to distinguish information from propaganda, but I don't think truths should be repetitious in that regard: to be spouted out over and over and over again: to instill and dilute another's worth; truths should be shown through differentiating examples and viewpoints; truths should not mirror their brainwashing/conditioning counterparts, and be different in context and degree each time it's presented: this is to give an accurate representation that others can use to formulate their own thoughts and opinions upon; this is the way truths should be shown: with light instead of darkness, with ofference instead of forced regurgitation; truths should adhere to their own guiding principles and morality, and be subjected to its rules and testaments, without digressing away from such values; this is what truth means to me.