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Apr 15, 2011

0 YouTube minor dangers, updated response

Response to a YouTube forum user, who basically stated it wasn't YouTube's responsibility and solely the parents to fix the problem of minors (below 13) uploading videos
I have to disagree with you, (A You Tube Forum User) , that YouTube is not obligated to enforce their own TOS, and that it is only the parents job to protect children.
For one, YouTube states that a person under 13 can't consent to the TOS of the site; therefore, they can't legally join the site. They acknowledge that children under 13 are using the site (or will use the site) by stating in their TOS: that children should ask their parents for sites they can join. They are aware of a problem with children using their site, yet they provide no reporting mechanism for battling the problem. YouTube, not providing any internal system to combat the problem, and not employing any communal solution- makes them legally responsible for not reasonably combating it. This is shown in many cases, the current copyright issues that pledges internet sites- sites are found at fault when they make no effort to rectify the issues.
YouTube is a service which has to adhere to rules govern by themselves and outside forces, it is a business which profits and employs ads- we (the viewers) are not the sole benefactors of their website. And if they don't want to adhere to rules and regulations- they don't need to offer the service. Therefore, I don't know what point you were trying to make here...
Also, stating that there is no real proof that users are under 13, therefore no way to enforce a rule is silly. That is like liqueur stores selling liqueur to minors, and putting the blame on just the parents for the violation of the law. Just like liqueur stores use visualization to determine possible age (that will later need further verification), so can YouTube employ such a system in determination of age.
Moreover, if not legally responsible, people should be morally responsible to protect children when a problem exists.
Take care, Just my opinions- Perhaps it will change something...