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Apr 15, 2011

0 Children posting on YouTube, dangers

Commentary and forum post to YouTube by me on dangerous activities by children under 13

I, recently, started using YouTube more often for entertainment and curiosity. And I noticed something quite disturbing on YouTube. A lot of the videos show girls younger than 13, posting themselves online where predators can easily access them. One such girl, obviously younger than 13, recently posted a video stating she would sell stuff to people for a dollar, and give out her address- I flagged this video and wrote her a comment about her dangerous behavior. Then afterwards, I tried to find a way to contact YouTube to help protect her from any immediate harm, and found not a single direct contact that would address this concern. Thus, I am here in the forums displaying my thoughts on the matter. As I know it, kids 13 and up can post videos on the site- what enforcements are being undertook to protect children below 13, or 13 and over for that matter. The material they post are sexually suggestive at times. So, I must suggest some feedbacks.

Create a reporting category especially for children uploading videos.
Have a direct email address to address this concerns immediately.
And have more policing to eliminate the problems as they occur.

I am very surprise that there isn't any news about girls on YouTube getting raped, kidnapped, or murdered yet...

Where is the accountability these days, in such a dangerous age of online predators- nothing is done until it has happened numerous times...

Can I flag any post for suspected users under 13, regardless of content that I come across?

In any event, that is my comments, unsure if it will change anything or matters- but I threw it out there

Take care,