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Apr 7, 2011

0 Another life poem

Another life ago
memories faded and obscure
down ill-lighted alley-ways of shadows and facades
beats a heart, I have long lost

that still beats for a dream long forgotten
passed by in the choices of others, I'm haunted
by the sweet possibilities of yesterday
before my flowers turned to decay

and tears didn't know of emotions and lips of words to say

Where am I heading, I've waited here for so long
sitting on this old, wooden bench, watching the streaming imagery like a song
losing myself in, not death, but inaction

the world's I have known, streaming by like shooting stars
and they are too fast to make a wish upon
so instead, I send prayers upon birds, tweeting to heaven

My purpose falls like leaves upon a tree
leaving me for hell's earth, the sweet birth of fire, my lullaby
the crackling sparks, the noise, turn to ash without any more poise

no longer hanging there in the sunlight, dreaming of starlight, growing old and brittle

What if I get up, what happens if I stand up
Where would I have to go, with eyes unaccustomed to the light
that finds more beauty in the shadows, looking from afar

How young will I be, when the cold is all I'm near