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Sep 6, 2018

0 Thanking God for being out of our last residence.

Dear Readers,
Lately, my wife and I have been going through trials and tribulations; our landlord evicted us from where we were living on false accusations. Now, we have to find a place to live and get our property into a secure location.
I'm grateful to be out of the rental: it was turning into hell; there were unresolved issues and escalating problems that wouldn't be addressed, but now we are finally free of that apartment complex and all of the nonsense.
I do know that the matter is in God's Hands now: I don't need to deal with it anymore; I don't need to battle all of the nonsense anymore; all I have to do is let God Handle it and allow Him to bring my wife and me justice.
Justice wasn't served with how the case ended up, but I know Justice will be served through God and Jesus; God will give us victory and bring us justice which will surpass anything that we could ask for.
God isn't mocked: What you sow, you will reap.
What helps me let go of a situation and what helps me move on is knowing God will not allow such evilness to go unanswered: so, I would rather lose in this world, lose in this life, then to have God turn his Face from me, then to have God not hear me, to have the wrath of God upon me.
What I am grateful for is God helping us throughout this problem as always, for God never leaving us nor forsaking us, for always bringing us justice in the end. I could never do it without God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost; you can always trust, have faith, and believe in God and know God is doing everything for your own good.
I am happy I didn't defile myself by lying and behaving so horribly: when people do you wrong, they have to live with all of the actions that they did that only harms their own soul.
God will always provide, it will just look different than you expected at times. It's good not to allow your emotions and thoughts to get out of control and to keep you from maturing and growing.
I am unsure where this path is heading, but I am extremely thankful for God and Jesus always being there, giving us wisdom, and giving us a good life regardless of what happens.
Take Care, Love your son and daughter, Anthony and Ash.
God, Himself, shall bring us justice, which is what we desire.It would have been better for them to have resolved things in a Godly Way, then to have to answer to God for their actions.

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