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Nov 22, 2010

0 Thanksgiving day or Thankstaking day

Which is it for you

Thanksgiving day is coming up around the corner, and the stores are overflowing with our society buying groceries. Our very takeful society, taking without giving back outside of their families. Rude shoppers and obnoxious shoppers and impatient shoppers running a mock and almost over others with their shopping carts. Is this the new tradition of the modern age or just an extension of how our thanksgiving day was originally founded. What happened to our morality or even politeness?

Perhaps we should be more thankful and less taking, giving to those without food- like the traditions it was supposedly founded on; Instead, of glutenous appetites being fulfilled and enjoyment of making others wait in line for extreme long periods, with a smile and absurd commentaries.

When we look back upon ourselves during these holidays, are we looking back at the best of what mankind has to offer, being united and together- or the worst mankind has to offer... Food for thought,
Take care,