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Nov 15, 2010

0 Sleeping Beauty: Knight and Damsel poem

adapted from a story idea of mine

Sometimes, I just don't know about love
as I stare at my sleeping beauty at rest
what goes on behind those enclosed eyes
nightmares and fantasy obfuscating our life from the mess

Does my Armour shine as brightly
does my eyes run as color deep
within this heart full of ache, full of keep
pulsating from too much light, hungering to sleep

How many cracks in dragons' scales
must I count upon my quest of love
how many door cracks must I peek through
before I know the color of my own blood

Is the blood a deep black
death calls with a steady tap
upon the footsteps of my stride
and I know there is no turning back
from the accumulated demons at my side
chasing down this damsel of mine

When will my damsel rekindle her heart within
repair with fire, these memories of darkness and sin
for my vision is too blurry, instincts digress
my walk isn't as sturdy, mind's unable to confess
the deterioration of exhilaration's beauty, this calm doubt of mine

Do I doubt, what do I doubt, in this drought of my emotions
has the damn broke, spilling out all I am, filled with intoxicating potions
upon this landscape of our battle, lost in the calmness of now
looking back at all the probabilities and confusions
of our heightened lives, are they just full of delusions, illusions, intrusions into each-es vow

Vow me this, vow of protection
vow me this, vow of devotion
do we resist, resist the notion, that we shall keep through the erosion
of crimson waves of blood, waves of blue sky
waves of bubbling emotions, of inert sighs
overflowing unto both of our lives

Our trails are covered in footsteps and blood
covered in thoughts like music, spiritual notes
covered in stains, and taints, and of love
covered in tears, in fears, in worries, in overspilling furies
in so much, that our hearts isn't enough
to contain and explain, the beauty and degree of sorrow and flame

And when my sleeping beauty is to awake
I'm afraid I would be caught sleeping
off-guard and in-awake, with my heart slowly beating
beating to its own rhythm, its own infusion
to its own fate, illusion, delusions
unable to be shaken, stirred, assured

Just to be watched, as I have watched, just to think, as I have thought
and await for this knight to be awaken