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Nov 5, 2010

0 Drunken Tavern Poem

All the dreams are gone
inside this tavern inside my chest
the air now, is only filled with song
and inside my soul is only liqueur

this now holds all of my splendor

There are no more dreams to be dreampt
no more sleep to be slumbered
I now, solely exist in a waken blizzard
within this dark and dreary tavern

a port of call to all of the givers of up and down

The whiskey is strong, my senses are dim
the monster calls, from deep within, all of the trash and sin
and I ignore all that I am, inside this world
replacing truth and facts and reality with more contentious lies

and soon my other world is drowned away with unremembered sighs

My memories I let decay, let wonder
leave the door, piggy-backing upon another
that comes and go, to and fro, out and in
through beyond the main door, whereat, I don't know where it ends

and I steal more suitable souls from these fictitious men