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Nov 5, 2010

0 Depths of my soul by Ashley and Anthony Souls (me)

Why does everyone
want to pick the locks that holds the depth of my soul

everything I do is wrong in their
soft angelic eyes

telling me the wrongs
the disillusions of my own world
are all lies

that I made my world a hell
and I made a deal with the devil

but who knows the depths of my soul?
Who knows the inner workings of my brain
heart and soul

Not those who think these things about me
who always wants to point out my fatal flaws
scars that I made in this world

Thinking that isolating me
will make me vulnerable/naked
so I will follow every little word they say

But what they don't know
is this....

I follow God and my heart
and it tells me to be my own person
and not rely on peoples words

where they all spout lies and deception
twist and turn the truth
for their own personal gain

and in the dark, dank, and dreary corner of my eyes
misery lurks around every corner
trying to bury doubt deep into the cracks of my brain

To sip every drop of my soul
till the only things left inside me are
empty and broken like a wasted rag-doll