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Nov 18, 2010

0 Dark Desires, not mature but art

a poem full of dark sensuality

My unkempt desires
littered trash covered floors, decors
stealing away the order
the sensibility
and the weight of practicality
of reality

of cause and effect
burdening thoughts
burrowing... excruciating pain
relieved by the insanity
of primal sexuality
pleasure that drowns out all things

And the only focus is to fulfill that hungering, dark desire
that causes my heart to inspire, expire
be set on fire
these Demonic and Angelic things
hidden beneath my eyes, en-caged, enraged
to be tamed, reigned, played in the dungeons of my games

Her heart stops to my pulsating desire
kisses caught between a lamb and tiger
these contrasting conflictions, enjoyable inflictions
brightens my flame

In the night, in the morning
our souls adorning, forming
puppet strings
tied to our fingers and rings
instinctual rhythms and poise
drowned in silence and noise
these animalistic things
in the backdrop of our names

We're just actors
demonic characters
angels without feathers
wondering the dark alley ways together

Beseeching, Searching
for that yearning
cleansing with grim and grunge
that will steal away
ourselves from ourselves
until another day, another one