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Nov 14, 2010

0 Video Commentary: Space Balloon : Ariel View

Commentary on a Vimeo video, entitled: Homemade Spacecraft by Luke Geissbuhler

Very innovative and creative concept, only wish I had thought of building a makeshift spacecraft with video view. Albeit, a fairly expensive test, this is a great one for the science books.

Basically the test goes as follows:

  • Use weather balloon to carry a package upward into the upper stratosphere
  • Track using a iPhone with GPS (to find later)
  • Film journey with a digital HD camera

Some Facts:

  • Happened in August of 2010
  • Employed parachute upon decent (when the balloon burst from atmospheric pressure)
  • Location was Newburge, New York after 8 months of planning 
  • Climbed 25 feet per second on ascent 
  • After 70 mins and 19 miles high the balloon bursts
  • Camera used was a: Go Pro Hero HD

Click the link and hope you enjoy!