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Nov 30, 2010

0 Oh, how poem

Oh, how our mind wanders

Oh, what thoughts didn't I know today
carried by a penguin gone astray
into my mind, feeding on seed of yesterday

Oh, how these thoughts change away
from one truth to another to stay
and where do I rot, my mind affray

Oh, how these moments build up
one upon another, into a teacup
overflowing with steam, drifting dismally up

Oh, how these moments crumble and fall
cracking as it becomes beautiful and tall
and no more can I beckon to look, upon the house of this doll

Oh, how these experiences dim
tainted by sentiment and sin
like a light-bulb, contrasted against shadow and men

Oh, how time pauses and stops
upon small moments and moments upon rocks
knowing not, where to life knocks

Oh, how...