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Nov 15, 2010

0 Growing older: Falling apart poem

the ramifications of age

Pain takes away my security
oh, how easy it has drifted away
from these known- sunny shores, I wished to forever stay

And the sun has gone astray
no longer, does it bask in the sky
and I am- oh so cold, so full of wishes without any stars left in the sky
all I can comprehend now, are the clouds

My future has gone into obscurity
waves crashing from the tides
upon this broken down boat of mine
no longer can it hide from the dangers that reside

I am toss with vigor, unsecured without an anchor
wondering and pondering inside
with no answers to the confusion
fate has left me, along with the illusions that formally had reside

My broken down body, aging far after me
so far away, almost left me, this shadow of mine
in the distance, taking with it my stride
and I can just watch as I fall apart inside