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Nov 19, 2010

0 Social Exploratory Poem: Censored

Exploratory social commentary

Our life is censored, passion carefully, mathematically, methodologically calculated
love drained, squeezed of all diversities, adversities, insecurities
robbed of soul- fire, of desire, causing hearts to expire
and we don't recognize the meaning behind the word
in this society, run by social mentality

In this world robbed of expression, replaced with discretion
devoid of obsession, conviction and passionate diction
to ourselves, people walking around in cells
analyzing and sensitizing all of our dreams, actions, writings, hidings
with this cold-hearted logic

This logic that lacks all practicality, reality
frailty, that helps us grow our accountability
and we are as sleeping minions
with our lives on auto-pilot

wondering where the risk, imperfection, direction, lessons went