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Nov 19, 2010

0 A Monster's Lullaby Poem

The inner voice of a monster

Tired of myself, myself only hurting
tired of my soul turning, turning through all the versions of myself
so fast, that I am burning

flipping fast like a book of pages
passed beneath a breeze that gently rages

and the story goes too fast, too fast to know
who I am, where my heart should go
where the tides in my eyes should flow

in this fairy tale gone demented
my whole life suddenly resended
from beauty to pain caught in a drain

and thus, the nightmare slowly begins
stealing away from this world, all I comprehend
replacing my life with all this sin

a journey down roads, a sickness which corrodes
spreading like an infection, caught up in the congestion
of all these moments caught up in life
suddenly turned to the reflection of strife

and where has it gone, my perfection
inside this mind of confection
obsession with my rejection

in this life gone awry, or life caught up in a monster's lullaby