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Nov 12, 2010

0 Best Egg Sandwich Ever: Recipe

Messy, but oh so delicious...

  • Hamburger buns
  • Nature's Harmony extra large eggs
  • Mayo
  • Louisiana hot sauce 
  • Oil 
  • I use the hamburger buns without milk -since I have a milk allergy- and they taste good. I don't think you should have that much milk anyways. 
  • Nature's Harmony extra large eggs is the secret ingredient - has 25% less fat than ordinary eggs with more vitamins- also, no hormones added or antibiotics, and fed nutritious food. I recommend paying the extra money- healthier and makes a big difference in taste.
  • Mayo- I use the regular, but you can use low-fat.
  • Louisiana hot sauce is fantastic on it- I don't use ketchup cause I am allergic- enough foods already have tomatoes if you ask me.  
  • Heat up non-stick skillet with a dab of oil - or cooking spray- and cook on high with nothing on it, let it heat for a couple of minutes, or until hot. I used a grill skillet to give the eggs a slashed look. Also, when it has grooves on the skillet- eggs don't wander as much when on an uneven oven-top. 
  • Carefully crack egg and directly -carefully- drop onto skillet. The egg will be cooked over-easy -both sides will be cooked with the liquid yolk in the middle- which is what makes it messy!
  • After 30 seconds to a minute- turn down skillet to medium-high or medium. This is to cook the eggs without ruining them- burning them or getting them stuck to the skillet. Also, helps preserve the flavor. 
  • When the egg white starts to get solid and firm -don't flip the eggs too soon, they will be fine; I have a problem flipping the eggs too soon-  and the bottoms are sturdy enough to flip...flip with spatula onto other side.
  • Put egg onto hamburger bun- put a dab of mayo and a lesser dab of Louisiana hot sauce on top.
  • When you first bite into it, it is very messy, so make sure you have a plate underneath it! 
I hope you enjoyed this quick recipe tip for making the perfect egg sandwich. Feel free to comment and tell me what you think of my blog- as well as any suggestions!