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Nov 28, 2010

0 Basking Turtle Thoughts poem

What do turtles dream of

Turtle basking in the light
soaking up in the muddy puddle, looking up into the sky
into a heaven of ocean blue
like when the sunlight shines through
the translucent tumbling waves of crashing lore
and all his thoughts are contained: beyond the shore

Where do daydreams swim
deeper than he has ever been
a dark foreshadowing blue
where nightmares and dreams wander through
into illusions and disillusions too afraid to tumble to

And all he can feel is milky, white sand
warmer than summer upon land
counting down in an hour-glass filled shore
the thoughts to be thought, until no more
draining away the moments it has tore

His eyes like a pebble caught in a riptide
bobbling to the tune of his heart at his side
music of the soul trapped inside a wave
the hunger of his will, the feel of the rage
to steal his mind away