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Mar 1, 2016

0 Thank You Note For God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost for Helping My Wife and Myself.

I want to Thank God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost for protecting my Wife and myself from the devils plans and demons and from enemies that attacks us here at our apartment and work.
God has and is helping us with our apartment complex and our neighbors. We have been having problems with pot and incense coming into our house through our windows all of the time.
My wife is allergic to pot and I have bronchitis problems and she does too. It doesn't help when we been sick for the last couple weeks to 3 weeks and couldn't breathe very well.
We have been over there so many times and nothing gets resolved and putting the matter in the hands of God has helped tremendously when you have Faith.
The pot hasn't been as bad through the windows, the incense is messing with us still at times but not as bad as before and God showing us to open the windows and ventilate is helping.
We were both really sick and I lost about 11 days of work. I was able to pay the rent still. We still have food. We still have a place to live. I still have a job. I am very appreciative and thankful to God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost.
Everything God has guided us in has turned out good. God is growing us spiritually very well.
I was able to get the medicines we needed for our bronchitis. Was able to have enough sick days for 6 of the 11 days. I'm are getting days off on days which helps us recover together.
God is taking the brunt of the burdens and worries. Whenever I ask God for help and to talk to me, God always shows me His Beautiful Voice through various forms.
I am very Thankful to God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, and I am growing more intelligent and Spiritual every day. Thank You for making me the man that I am and better than I was like I asked from the very Beginning in Prayer.
With Love With all of my Heart and Mind and Soul, Your Servent and Friend, Anthony,