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Feb 19, 2016

0 Suffering and Helplessness Quote and Commentary

It's that sense of helplessness and suffering unproductively at the hands of others that gives a feeling of anger and resentment.
When you feel like all you are doing is for naught.
That nothing will come from all of your labor.
That others are hurting you and bringing chaos into your life and not caring or doing anything about it every time you come to them.
Feeling like you can't resolve a problem no matter how good you try opens up the path for bad thinking.
I think that knowing God will help no matter what and nothing you do for God is for naught helps tremendously.
Knowing that your suffering is or a good purpose and productive helps a lot.
People push others to the edge often and wonder why bad events happens that are 10 times worse then what set it off. And I think people need to be aware of how their bad persistent choices will just destroy their own lives and those around them.
Take care, With Love