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Feb 7, 2016

0 Thank you Note to God for our Blessings.

I want to thank God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost for everything that God does for me. I was having problems with my neighbors being noisy and banging around too much and it was getting out of control and pot use going through the connected vents I believe. And I was really scared to go over and confront them about it so many times in a row because every time you go over there through repetition escalates the matter a lot of times. But by going over there and confronting them about problems might of been hard, but God told me it was the right thing to do in my Holy Ghost and heart. And Jesus told me as well. And all Three are One. And I did what God wanted and God helped calm down a lot of the noise and take away the pot smell except for a few flare ups here and there and the continuous toilet flushing next door that we here is going to be fixed Tuesday. So everything is getting resolved. On top of that, I needed to call out and was worried I wouldn't get the doctors note and God communicated with me through a Raven/Crow and told me everything will work out and I got the note and everything worked out and got the days off I needed. And God continuously shows me He is there for me and my wife. Talks with us. And always helps us when we need help. He helped a friend of my wife's get enough money to prevent her water from being disconnected. I'm thankful to God for helping us (My wife and I) with all of our problems. There is still things we have to do and overcome which is hard, but God helps us and uses it to build us and it doesn't mean that we don't have to face things still when God is taking over. And I Love God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost for everything with more than all of my Heart and Mind and Soul. For the new phone I got when my other one broke. The New computer I'll get later this week when this one is falling apart. And I know things will work out always with God in control and with me. And I love you God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost with more than all of Heart and Mind and Soul; for You God are my God, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and my Holy Ghost and Spirit and Friend. With Love Anthony

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