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Jun 19, 2015

0 Please Pray that the Truth will be made Manifest in the Light About my Fiancee's Family.

Please pray for my fiancee and myself.
I tried to reason with her family. Her mother died. God let us know. But I was willing to talk with her mother if she was alive. But all her family did was lie to me about everything when I called the nursing home. And then they wanted me to trust their word without speaking to her mother about her being alive. Even though, all of the evidence from God and signs from God shows she is dead.
Even so, my fiancee just wanted peace of mind, to know that she was doing God's Will and to know the truth. She didn't want her mom dead or her dad. But they wouldn't give her peace of mind. Said that she needed to go to a mental health care and blocked her and us.
I pleaded basically to their sense of sensibility and reason and that God would never want this to go this far and she needs the truth and if her mother is alive, just let her talk to her for a minute or two.
But instead, they hide it, say that it's too stressful on the mother, and prevent the nursing home from giving any details about her condition to her own daughter and from them telling her if she is even alive or not.
The whole fiasco is sickening. For one, my fiancee never did this ever to them.
When they needed to know about her safety, they found it out. My fiancee told them. And yet in the past, they hide the grandma's death, her dog's death, and now her moms death.
We are overwrought worrying about doing what God wants. Worried that maybe we were wrong. But we aren't and we could use prayers from everyone that everything will be made manifest in the Light and that God will protect us as His Children.
Thank you, With Love through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost, Amen.

No one should hide resolution like this ever. Hide peace of mind. It's horrible.

Take care,