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Jun 19, 2015

0 Ashley's Family won't let her mom tell her she's not dead.

*At the end of this, where my Husband tells my father he is the power to block, guess what? He blocked me from both accounts. It gives me all the proof in the world, my mother is dead. He didnt like that im putting this everywhere. he doesnt care that he hurts me deeply. And if my mother was alive, it would of taken a few minutes or so to block me on her account. But no, it was a mere second afterwards. And he thinks he is getting away with this? Nope. Think again dad.... This isnt over with. It may be online here and such, but God will come soon enough.*
This is Anthony. I know I talked to you on the phone
The nursing home gave me
And I have no idea why you are doing this
If Ashley's mom was alive
why wouldn't you let her speak to her for just 5 minutes
to ease her pain
do you want her to go insane
and to hurt her
That isn't of God
I don't get you at all
Why lie directly to my face on the phone
and hang up on Ashley
and Deny information
if she was alive
Why are you doing this
It makes no sense whatsoever
Ashley's been in pain for the last month
Do you really want to be a liar?
Do we really have to find out another way?
I know you are reading this, answer me
This is a sick game
A simple phone call from her mom or a simple word from you that she is dead
would resolve everything
there is no malice
no anger
no hate
She doesn't want her mom dead
or you
all she wants to know is if she is knowing the truth or not
that is all
I've taken care of Ashley just like I said on the phone when she first moved to me and we talked.
You said man to man we would talk
I gave her the best life I could
I honored my part
Now man to man
What is the freaking truth
you owe me that much
As Man to man
Are you trying to damage her relationship with God?
If you love God, you would do this
Everyone deserves to know the truth
and we never hid anything like this from you
What does this solve?
Why are you doing this?
I wouldn't do this to my friend or stranger or enemy
Not sure how you can just ignore me
We never were eye to eye on matters
But I said sorry when you asked me to
to Dawn
I said I would do the best for Ashley that I can
and I have done that
I tried to help the problems which existed
I didn't hurt her when she came to me
You knew she was safe
I didn't prevent her from talking to you
She called you and eased your mind when she arrived here
You knew she was safe
you were able to talk to her
I just demand the same respect
Me still:
I don't understand you one bit. You guys make no sense to me. Not trying to be evil. Not trying to be hateful. I truly don't get you.
How can you allow your daughter to suffer
to cry
all of the time this past month
never update her anymore
not allow her to contact her mother if she is alive which she isn't
and how can you let this go on
then only care about your image in the end
what people will think of you
what people will say about you
only care about the delussions and illussions
more than your daughter
try to damage her relationship with God
then say that the abuse never happened
well guess what
I'm a witness now
You can't deny you aren't abusive
you are lying to her about a death
you never told her her grandma died
you aren't letting her know about her mother dying
you didn't tell her about sassy dying
Yet, when you called the police to know about Ashley's safety
She told the police to tell you she is alright
and she told you guys later she was alright
she responded to her mothers email
when she didn't have to
the last email when she responded around her birthday
and she replied back when she found it
she never left you hanging
It's almost like you want her to go insane
I heard you guys laughing at her on the phone
when she thought you died
I heard you guys
and you just said she was only listening to the devil
and laughing
and didn't even try to comfort her
try to calm her down
it's like you guys just kicked her in the stomache
over and over while she was down
Say you aren't liars and we should trust you
and you guys just lie to my face
on the phone
not Ashley this time
but me
I don't get you. You see Ashley mentioning no pictures
then you post all of the pictures in the world
then deny her to speak or know about her mothers health
Why even post pictures to show Ashley
then Deny her to speak to her
does it serve
It's like the only way we will ever get any information
is if we fly down there
if we call the police
or if we hire someone to investigate the death records
It's just insane
we would never do this to you
And how are you even here all the time
when do you work
Why is it that every time dawn is on
You are on
and every time you are on
Dawn Marie on Buzzen is on
And when she fought with Dawn Marie on Buzzen
She said that you are no child of mine
and then afterwards
you stopped replying to her messages
when there was no reason to
you didn't know anything unless you were dawn marie
and why is summer breeze on at the same time
which is Moms Sister
because everytime you are on
Dawn Marie is on
and everytime her sister is on
Buzzen she is on Facebook
Even if we were crazy which we weren't
anyone else would draw the same conclusions
it's logical
it makes sense
and if we were wrong
you would have to admit it made sense
and correct
but We all know the truth
yet you just want to forever hide it for some reason
like you blame Ashley for her Moms Death
that is the only Answer
if she was alive
there would be no need
Her Mom would post something on facebook
saying how crazy her daughter is
post something because she is upset
she wouldn't just be silence
So the only explaination is
you blame Ashley
because she called you guys thinking you were dead
and then your wife gets a blood infection
the next day saying she was in the hospital
So you must blame Ashley
What else would explain such Hatred?
I am not trying to misuse God or anything
But God would never want you to do this
If you truly love God
You wouldn't do this
Because Jesus said to turn your cheek
if someone comes asking for forgiveness
forgive them 70 times over
to not do Evil for Evil
but Good for Evil
So if you were the Good ones
You wouldn't be doing this
Ashley this is ur dad talking. Mom is alive and doing well that is all u need to know until u get some professional help for yourself and to clear ur mind other than that I do not want u or ur boyfriend Anthony trying to contact us or ur mother in any way shape or form. I am letting u know this so u will leave us alone and I am letting u know mom is alive. For all of the hurtful things u have done to us this is one reason why we don't want to have anything to do with u because you are lost in ur own world and all of the lies. I don't know what ur listening to but it sure isn't god. Do not bother me ur mother or sister anymore
Ashley needs to hear her mom and then she can let it go
Because you lied
over the phone
I called you
This is Anthony
I called you on the phone
And you said it wasn't you
How can we believe you now
Just let Ashley Talk with her Mom
and then block her
from facebook
and she won't say that
Shes Dead
She can let it go
all she needs is to hear her
and then you can unfriend her
and block her
and she won't bother you
This will resolve it
All you need to do for her to be out of your life
is just let her mom talk to her for a minute or two
and she will stop thinking she is dead
and you can block her
and defriend her
and she will take you off facebook
6/19, 1:26pm
I refuse for Ashley to talk to her mother because she doesn't need to be stressed anymore than she already is. There will be absolutely no contact between Ashley and her mother because of all the hateful things and hurtful things she has said and done. We are done with this situation now. U can take it or leave it. She is alive. She can go ahead and block and delete us. If she doesn't believe that then that's on her yes this is her dad speaking no contact between her and her mother.
I don't know why you are doing this
You say you don't want her in your life
you have the ability
to block her
all you have to do
is unfriend her
and block her
We can't trust you
because you lied
on the phone
as for the stress
Ashley didn't even want to talk to her to stress her
YOU GUYS are the ones
that prevented the nursing home
from telling her shes not dead
if you would let the nursing home
reveal to her
it wouldn't have gone here
You owe me
yes you do
I did everything you guys wanted
I said sorry to her when she was upset
in the past
I talked to you before Ashley left as a Man to Man
just like you wanted
we Let you know Ashley was fine when the police came
and you said I was abusive
or she wasn't safe
I did everything and hid nothing
I never stopped Ashley from Talking to you
her mother
or her sister
When you guys wanted to know about her safety
you provided it
I provided it
She talked on the phone, she emailed
she let you know her condition
she showed photos
we did everything
and now we ask for something
for peace of mind
and you can't do it?
Any Doctor she went to
would ask the same thing
She wouldn't be able to recover
and the Doctor would seek proof
to show if she is wrong or not
And I'm not harrasing you or bothering you
you have it in your ability
to block us
any time you wish
Just like Kayla
and I left Kayla Alone
I didn't write her after she blocked us
all I know is a Father wouldn't do this to his Daughter
I talked to you on the phone
This person can't get messages right now