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Jun 21, 2015

0 Happy Father's Day God, The Father of Lights, My Father.

Happy Fathers Day God.
Even though I miss my earthy father who died. I wish I had him around to talk with about all that I'm currently going through and the trails and tribulations because he added security to my soul.
Yet, You are my Father, my Heavenly Father God, and You are above all Fathers. And I almost forgot, but I wanted to wish you a Happy Fathers Day.
You've always been there for me through thick and thin. And even though when I feel like I'm losing myself and weakening in my faith. And everything seems to be so hard to hold onto. I know that you sent the rain to comfort me through Jesus Christ, My Lord and Savior.
Thank you for being the Perfect Father God. For knowing how to balance my soul and pick up the pieces even when I feel like they aren't clicking into place.
You are always there for me even when I sin and I'm imperfect.
I am really eternally grateful and Love you above all.
I also love my earthy father and honor him through You.
Thank you. I give Glory and Honor to Your Almighty and Righteous Name. A Name above all Names.
I really miss You when you are quiet. Really love when You are active. And I always know you are Always there for me.
Thank you for creating me. Even though at times life feels like hell and it won't end good for me. I know that it will. Please keep watching over your Faithful son. Please watch over me always and never let go.
I want to spend all eternity with you my God, My Heavenly Father, The Father of Lights.
With Love, Anthony- Amen.