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Aug 24, 2010

0 Tracking Chips in School Ids : Personal View

While watching the news on television, I head a concept of adding tracking chips to student id's at a school. A security company wants to use federal money to fund it. Let me start by saying: This is a horrible idea of security for schools. It violates their rights and have numerous unforeseen side affects.

The first thing that comes to mind is, privacy invasion: why should our students be put under policies that we wouldn't subject our adult world to? Also, the idea has the potential of tracking students at home or being hacked for ominous purposes. Futhermore, if we let a system of tracking to be implemented in our schools and it takes, what's next? Even if you aren't a christian, seems like a stepping step to the mark of the beast.

Next, how is this going to work, other then implanting the chips directly into the students flesh? What if you forget your id card? Don't want to be tracked and leave the id somewhere? Want to ditch and have another friend to hold it? The possibilities of unintended side-effects boggle the mind. In order to successfully implement such a system, students will have to be monitored every second of every moment of every day. Students would have to not be allowed to school without an Id. Students would have to replace an id if lost, re-implement them into the system, and of course: probably would cost more money to the poor unfortunate soul.

After all is said, these are just the first thoughts that comes to mind, what didn't I think of yet? Terrifying... What will people think of next? We already, mandatory, require adopted pets to have implanted chips or be killed. Companies already implement hand scanners for hour logging; Cars are low-jacked with anti-theft mechanisms; Now kids are being subjected to possible monitoring cards? How is that really going to stop anything? How would the system handle duplicated chips?

Oh wells, I felt like writing about an actual topic for once..... Sigh, Now I hear that a school in Los Angele's is about to build a luxury high school and New York has luxury school already, while all these other schools are falling apart- Sigh. One word: Demented.