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Aug 21, 2010

0 Fantasy poem ; Pandora land.

My Pandora's box, it ticktocks-ticktock-ticktock
telepathy is knocking into my mind
and I can't look away, look from night into day

I'm trapped inside this black room
night dark as the suit of a groom
why can't I put this box down, what within me has it found

Insanity latched onto me, in a way I cannot see
the smooth, cold texture of this metallic demon, serenades to me
a siren locked inside without a key, and I can hear her so perfectly

Beside my bed, upon a stand, I set this cube from my hand
upon my pillow, I depart into a foreign land
to weeping nightmares, psychically linked to Pandora land

P.s.: Originally was trying to write a Gothic opera song (lol).