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Aug 20, 2010

0 Draw a Blank Poem

My heart is too occupied, my mind is too blank
I sit here at a canvas: without any words to weep
all I have is- a heart without words and a mind without a brush
therefore, I sit staring beyond myself, into the distance and around the bend
down the dark alley ways, into a world of sin
where Gothic shadows taint- oh, so beautifully
and the world can't keep up or contain it's heart beat

My heart lives in a void, that nothing can fill
it craves to empty itself and splatter itself all over the world
out of my chest, bleeding into the gutters, away from my dreams, away from the whispers and mutters
until I'm in a place, where I no longer need to feel
as if, I need to be running while standing still
that I need to paint, in order to be real