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Dec 3, 2009

0 One of my first poems from 10+ years ago.

For all of those seeing this, you get to see how much my writing has changed (or at least I think so) and what I had to start with lol.

The little key said to the Lock he wanted to be free
the Lock responded Im fear HeHe
it growled and snarled Looked mean
the little Key shook at the scene
the Lock was Big MAde solid
Told the little Key Only the bad Possibilities which would be
sounds came into the little keys ears with endless fears
As Nightmares creeping around in our minds
loney,Low Esteem, All of what you feel at sometime it seems
Another Key came up said be Free
The little Key Said Unlock the lock For me Pleasee
He Said You are Good I know But My shape wont work
Be Strong with Esteem Sure theres bad I know But
Also Good when Found would Overflow
the little Key Shook and Wink; Close His eyes
CliCK CliCk ClinK
Light Appeared