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Dec 3, 2009

0 What if I knew the day I would die on (poem) by Anthony Souls @AnthonySouls

If you were expected to die in a month's time frame, what would you do?
What would a poor man be expected to accomplish...

I would transfer my soul and heart into writing, spending night and day without sleep.
Pouring out my heart one last time for my love ones, strangers, anyone to read.
I'd write through the seconds, minutes, hours, and days of my true and fantasy self.
Write of the novels behind my eyes classified as thoughts and daydreams that no one else could ever see.

Then it begs to question, who would read of such things?
Certainly my love ones, friends, unknowingly strangers would be so kind.
But all I can do is predict into a time that would exist without me.
What in the end, would such a marvel reserve? My accomplishment