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Dec 3, 2009

0 Collection of Twitter Haiku's by me (@AnthonySouls) 12-03

Chain of petals in . a circular row, forming . tangents of white hearts

Crumbled paper ball. has become my heart and soul. thrown away from me. leaving my body of flesh. just staring in the distance

Burn my soul and smell . incense of my black ashes . once was so much more

Events unfold like . reversing origami . dismantling me

Light swims in water . creating shaded ripples . in the shallow waves

Light echoes off of . absorbing color into . all that it touches

I'm a particle . drifting away from my cloud . beauty of my own

Rain drops are just clear . their reflective beauty is . exponentially

My shadow clings on . following in my foot steps . personal demon

Family collage . pasted people together . modern family

A reformed monster . peeking out of the window . heart far from his eyes

the reward of risk . contending with it's downfall . to heaven or hell

A single red rose . inhabits my heart's garden . amongst all the weeds

my heart is made of . red ladybugs with black dots . they all fly away

I wish I could see . through the layers of the sea . end of the abyss

alien worlds drift . out of it's axis . into the unknown

I'm a child at heart . she is the goddess of my . every waking thought

Her eyes are heaven . my knees upon the earth and . full naked power

He said no to you . that was his first mistake and . that will be his last

Were those blushes or . sunset bruises fading to . a purple midnight

Duck tape over mouth . in his eyes is a hopeful . smirk with red blushes

Our world exists at . two diverging extremes that . clashes into greys

Death: the great curtain . divides actors from back stage . this life from the next

Excerpts of the soul . left behind like artifacts . lost that comes with death

Heart is eroding . to the grinding crimson waves . smaller and smaller

Christmas tree laughed at . me when it looked down and saw . Santa left me coal

found a vicious slug . under a meditation. rock for my girlfriend

Rock garden cursed me . for taking them to the pond . skipping them across

A wishing start looked . down upon me and cursed my . wishes, not sure why

The cute little duck . looked at me perturbed and said . Don't you tiptoe here

I didn't notice . that the eye hole in my door . was x-ray vision

When I lost my heart . I found one waiting for me . willing to be shared

my imperfect eyes . can't perceive the perfection . of us together

Bottled up hatred . an encaged genie inside . bottle of my heart

Bottled up laughter . an encaged genie inside . bottle of my heart

From one perspective . we are gods of the angles . there is no other

what we learn from life . adds up to what we dream for . not one dot wasted

Personality . is built upon childhood . a strong foundation

When I die, my bones . will sink to the bottom of . sea, still beauty

if my heart were sliced . you would see the age of my . soul along the grains

Personified heart . walking the rooms of my mind . searching for something

Shredded thoughts in trash . in the corner of the room . waiting disposal

I'm going insane . a U.F.O abducted . my petrified soul

Light-bulbs are flying . down the streets with wands and knives . looking for shadows

A ghost without clothes . roams the restricted parts of . the incubus club

Brainwashing my dreams . with bleach and a softener . on the rough cycle

inside of a log . two ends of light presents us . two alien worlds

Why did you cross the . pond, you are not even a . cute little ducky

Black ink has become . my thoughts, my heart, my soul on . pieces of paper

The brush of a pen . stealing the ink of my thoughts . soul s is but paper

Written in my eyes . are the words . I am never coming back

When I write out my whole soul, I feel like I am nothing, that the pieces of paper has become my soul now

Kiss sent on a breeze . like a kite without it's strings . caught on the currents