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Jul 11, 2009

0 What happened to this girl by Ariabelle Sierra

Does anyone care
that your alive or dead?
thats the question
that courses through your mind
when your feeling alone
that no one knows your here
Will you ever cope
with what happened to you as a kid?
will those thoughts every go away
that stay in the back of your head
or will they always keep
resurfing to hurt you again and again
in the future
when you think your better
from what people did?
or will you supress those memories
once you dont have to deal with them???
No one cares where your at
no one cares what your dealing with
you have to fight the arguing
that goes on inside your head
you have to deal with people
talking about you
saying that your not who you are
and that your just another little
light that is loosing its beacon
and moving more into the dark side
so you can somehow get rid of these thoughts

so you dont have to deal with them anymore
dont have to deal with anything
just have a normal life
or somewhat a life
that you try to have
but those inner demons
hold you down
with your own dark memories
as your chains
that bind you to the ugly
dugeon that you made for yourself
the ugly scars
cutting deep into your
creamy flesh

to show whatl eaks in the inside
the crimson twisted with sulfur acid
both burning so bright
and so hard
that it snaps the bones in half
freeing you to start
something new with yourself
to recover from the ugly wounds
that you made on yourself
and what others did as well
you start descending more
into the abyss as the
cuts grow more and more
on your body
that theres nothing to do
but stay in this little
dark room you made
as your life now
Those little demons in your head
telling you to create new scars
to create more harm to your body
that its hard to hear
what your thinking in your own head
trying so hard no to listen to
what these little ugly beasts
are saying too you
but where did you loose yourself?
where did you go?
where did your other side go
where did your light go
that made you want to get up
and start a new life?
where did it all go
what happened to this person
you knew so well
why did you become something
so ugly that you dont recongize it yourself
will you ever figure out
what happened to the other side
of yourself
or will that always be gone
like the other memories
went too.....
just in a box
locked up somewhere
deep inside your soul??
that even you cant get to it
when you are feeling so lost
so down that you cant open this box
thats suppose to have some
wonderful memories
and your heart in it
why did you loose something
so precious that
it will never be in your grasp
ever again
what happened to that person
to the one knowing
how to be happy
how to live life
how to push the voices out
and to live a somewhat decent life
but these questions keep popping up
each time..when something triggers it
How will you cope
with people hurting you
with people taking away your innocence
and not caring what happened to you
didnt care you had a opinion
or a voice for that matter
only wanting what they wanted
and thats just lust
not a girl who had a heart
who had a mind..
NO they wanted just my body
just wanting to satisify themselves
never caring how i will feel
years later.. seeing what they did
to this body that once
belonged to a happy girl
they screwed it up...
screwed her mind up
making her think
that shes a disgrace
that no one wants her
that no one care who she is
or what she has to say...
when will her voice be heard???
will it be today
or will it be never????
is anyone going to help her
out of this drowning pool
or people going to watch again
and just silently look away
when she dies
in her own world.. for
not speaking up till now
Sigh inspired by apocalyptica featuring adam gontier
called i dont care