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Jul 11, 2009

0 The Definitive Guide: To how to write a poem worth reading

How to write a poem:

In the following post, I will try to list the criteria of a well-written poem.

1.Relate-able: The poem should be-able to be relate-able to your audience.
By this, I mean that your poem should spark an interest inside of them that they can identify with and think about, weather it be emotion, theme, or meaning.

2.Consistent and precise: The poem should follow a general writing style.
By this, it shouldn't stray from the point you are trying to achieve. The language should be precise in that the meaning can be deduced by the reader in an intelligent manner. The poem shouldn't rely on needed information that the author forgot to tell or left out. The flow of the poem should be lucid and smoothly transfer from verse to verse, stanza to stanza.

3.Original and unique: The poem should be original and unique.
By this, the writer should utilize their unique perceptions and identity to convey their message. The message itself should get the reader thinking in a new way. The meaning of the poem doesn't have to be original, per-say, just the perception you are trying to convey. The poem should fully explore the purpose of the poem. Although this is a double edge sword, don't be too metaphoric for the poems own good. Don't let your poem substitute wordiness for meaning. Don't let the poem be too unique and original that no one will get it.

4.Use poetic language: The poem should covey its message in poetic terms.
Use of imagery, metaphors, similes, poetic forms: haiku, sonnet, free verse, narrative, ect...

5.Show don't tell: Covey the goal in terms that the reader must deduce what is going on.
By this, I mean that instead of being straight to the point, allow the message to be taught through meaning instead of name. Don't name what is going on outright, show the meaning through actions, imagery, emotion, and so fourth.

Although this blog tries to identify key points of what makes a poem worth reading. It's up to the writer to express himself in an artistic manner. To be unconventional and progress our understanding of ourselves and life.