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Jul 11, 2009

0 Is it over or still coursing through me?? by Ariabelle Sierra

fallen angels
always hanging around
your shoulders

whispering for you to go back to
the addicting drug
you loved soo much

teasing you with empty lies
always sugar coating them
for you to get that little
trip you loved so much

the high that made all your hellish world
gone for a few minutes
and then washed back down
to reality

and the cycle turns right back to this
ugly little rut you put yoruself in

You tried stopping the addiction
but the withdrawls are so rough
that your body shakes and writhers
for that taste of seduction
coursing through your veins
once again...

while your brain is wanting you to stop this
ugly little habit you made into this addiction

why cant you stop this
when you started it so little in the beginning

you wonder what you have become
and feel that your dead inside

and this feeling of highness
gives you a soul
back inside your numbed body

that you crave to have a long time ago
before you started this habit

will this addiction ever stop??
or will it consume your body
to the point that you couldnt handle
the cravings and started using more and more
and this is what ya get.... being in the grave

for using so much that you forget
who you was..and became this person
who just need a quick fix

that you couldnt handle
and felt that your body couldnt take anymore
abused you were doing to it

that it writhered on the ground
and now we see you in the grave

for you couldnt stop
the little addiction you had started
on your own in the first place.

inspired by its all over by three days grace