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May 19, 2009

0 Deprived my Wings by Ashley Quebedeau

My life is over
and now here i am
at the gates of heaven

thinking while walking up the golden stairs
that its my time to live in peace
and not worry about anything else

Yet when i get to the top
my breathe is ataken
seeing that im denied to come in

My first thoughts are
What did i do to not be in a great place like this?

Then my thoughts hit me
I indulged in the sins around me

Knowing full well that i was a angel before hand
and that i know right from wrong

but my head and heart
are not on the right path
and this is what i get

My wings taken away from me
oh my precious wings that i loved so much

that it shakes me to my very core
Feeling ashamed of what ive done
and nothing to take it back

I weep for my shame
and hopefully God will hear this
and take me under his wings.