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May 19, 2009

0 Vampire Dreams by Ashley Quebedeau

bloody lips dripping lushious ruby drops
down her ivory mouth
while her eyes sparkled like
a trinket in a treasure chest

when i look into a portrait of you
i see  the midnight sky
with a milky moon
looking like scarlet roses scattering to the winds

like a lullaby of forsaken music
weaves its secretive enchantment
into braclets of diamond snowflakes

dancing and twinkling in the fairylight
leaving  a silhouette of ultraviolet frost
of smokey lace on your face

like a ballet song of melancholy
masquerading a feline grace
of emerald pearls tangled into whsipers
of desired kisses

An illusion of silver satin tears
of babys breath
crystallised in your golden hair

while phantom dreams and deadly nightshade
tarnishes your dreamcatcher

of fragments of silky feathers
stitched into vibrant flames of tattered willows

This dreamscape is the only vision
that cascades a longing memory
of your elegant embrace of this world

and your love to me
resides in your soul
for only me.