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May 3, 2009

0 Broken Butterfly by Ashley Quebedeau

A young maiden
stares straight into her vanity mirror

Staring hard into the milky glass
and she doesn't see her reflection
but of someone totally different

It shows this girl
made from porcelain

Never to break
Never to have a fear
Nor emotions at all

but what people don't know
that this maiden is made up
of  smooth china
Is finally chipping
to the very  core of her being

yet she trys to keep the mask on
so selfishly where no one can see
the tragedy she has gone through
to overcome the obstacles in her life

and at that same moment
her past flashes before her

remembering all the people who abused her
and feeling her own heart
succumbing to the dark side
to fulfill the dreams
she always wanted to be
in this masked person

until she finds out
that she is alone in this ugly world
her fantasy world
crumbles around her

leaving her so called fantasy world
a mess inside her mind

trying to pick up the pieces
that fell before her feet
staring at each one
with awe and amazement
how she build this place inside her mind

after the awe went away, her mind
had to figure out if the pieces could be
placed back together
thats when things started to twist and tangle
into this oblivion
that leaves her mind so boggled
she doesnt know what to do

Each step she takes
is a lacy web that untangles
into billions of branched feelings
and worlds that could or would be
her so called home

Step after step
becomes a numbing ice
to her heart and soul

feeling each footstep
becoming harder to move forward
in this choas of worlds

She trys to find out
who she really is....
This monster she set herself up to be
or this butterfly

that can do what she wants
and be free from everything that held
her wings shut on her

Yet these thoughts are confusing
and breaking her soul
to the very core

weary days of thinking of death
breaks her beat
sets her back from the healing process

till that one sparkling evening
that she finally found herself
in the hazy fog

standing there...waiting for her
to take the porcelian mask off
and to be who she is

which is this beautiful gothic butterfly
with stitches covering her body

wings ripped in places
hair askewed everywhere

that she runs to her vanity mirror once again
ready to reveal who she is
in this milky glass
and sees that she has grown
into this beautiful butterfly
once and for all