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Mar 24, 2016

0 Praise and Glory to God ad Jesus and The Holy Ghost for extra money we needed.

Thank You God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost for everything and Your wonderful Gifts and especially Love. I much appreciate all that you are doing for my wife and Me and foremost being God and allowing us to Worship You.
God and Jesus and The Holy One gave us extra money on my paycheck: not sure yet why we got 40 dollars more, but we might of got a raise. I really needed the extra money because we are short on food and I didn't know how I was going to get everything I needed this time again and last the two weeks.
But God heard my heart and The Holy Ghost sent my prayers and told me we would have enough money to get everything and make it. and Sure enough, we got a lot more than we ever expected...
I want to Glorify God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost for helping us and always answering us and communicating with us and protecting us.
My wife had a horrible dream before waking to this wonderful news and I had a hard time at work with the demons and devils attacking.
Thank You God for everything and for always being there and being God foremost and Jesus and The Holy Ghost.
With Love, Anthony Souls Your Son and Servant and Friend. Amen.