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May 3, 2009

0 Broken Girl by Ashley Quebedeau

memories come up
thinking why did it have
to happen to me?

my heart is broken so many times
that i cant even pick up the pieces anymore

thinking why should i go on with life
when i feel like my soul was ripped out of me

always walking around like a zombie
in this hazy world
i call mine

To many years of being broken
to many years thinking of what happened
to many years of cutting

so its time for me to pick my life back up
and try to make the best of it

and not thinking of the past
but the future...of people who love me

no more pain for me to take on
no more tears to shed for anyone

tired of being broken
that its time to pick myself up
and get on with life
of what it should have been in the first place

but when i look at my past
i always wanted it to be so good
with me being happy
instead of being broken
and not healing from everything happening so fast
that my heart cant keep up with my mind

always making me feel like im nothing
when i can be something
even in the future...but the past is so hard to let go
all the memories pushing to the surface

flashbacks hitting me from all sides
not giving me a time to take a breathe
from the ocean im sinking in

from all the guilt,memories
that have consumed me
in this whirlpool call my pit
of emptiness and sorrow

Who can help me from drowning
in my own thoughts?
Who will save me from me
hurting myself?

Does anyone hear me??
Im screaming on the top of my lungs
but it seems im a mute

Trapped in my mind
as a prisioner from hell

No one to hear me
No one to help me
No one to know how much i hurt