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Oct 11, 2008

1 Haunted Story by Ashley Quebedau

little ribbons of rose petals
cover my flesh
feeling the smoothness
so its not my skin
Can this be so real
or am i dreaming
in a fantasy world
made up of lost characteristics of me
playing some role in my mind
Some so twisted...i dont understand
their true meaning in the real world
one little girl feeling so numb inside
that she cuts her arm
just to find that bliss again
but somewhere deep inside her mind
she feels like a zombie...dont know where to turn
feeling like shes in a maze..cant get out of it
trapped forever to this feeling...
like her soul is bound to this feeling
she tries running away from this zombiness
but her world is turning upside
180 in just a blink of an eye
kinda like she got lost in alice in wonderland
all the craziness that took over her mind
finally coming to life inside this loonyworld called her world
wondering if shes sane...or if she lost her soul
a long time ago..when people took advantage of her
not remembering what happened to the old emily
but this new emily has frigthen her out of her wits
realizing she doesnt want to become this person
but she doesnt have a choice/voice in this matter at all
its like all her senses turned for the worst
that they tingle for that one tiny thing in the back of her mind
and yet she doesnt want to give in to it again
feeling that scent grow stronger and stronger
as the minute passes by...feeling her joints tense up
her whole body tingling for that passion of blood
feeling it warming her veins up with the special antidote
making her feel alive for only a little while
till she feels the numbness come back....and the vicious cycle returns again...
How will she ever get rid of this curse in her body?
how will she defend her body when the withdrawl starts up?
will she give in again and feed upon another soul...just to keep alive
then somehow another little girl comes to her...pushing her out
and taking over now
this one feels like anger rising through her very soul
turning everything around this poor souless girl to bitterness
making every living thing with and turn black with hatred
seeing her eyes grow black with fury
hair flying furiously around her face
seems like she cant control it
feeling the bitterness seep into her bones
knowing something deep inside her...she wants to engulf the flames
and let everyone see the true monster of her being
never to be afraid of this anymore
its time for her to show true form
show them how powerful she is....
what she can do to those who mess with her
yet something is tugging at her heartstrings
relaying a message to tell her to move aside
its time for this other form to come to play
but the bitterness and anger dont want to give in
to whatever it is thats shouting at her.....
holding on to the barren trees deep inside her soul
she greedlys stay inplace...not budging for this creature to show
whos boss
after a while she begins to tire...feeling the grogginess grip her
her hands slipping slowly off the tree.....finally showing the weaker side of herself
and cries in vain for showing this kind of weakness..and disappears just as quickly as she appeared
Then this biazzare creature steps into the blinding light
gazing out the bare window of this ragged little shop
thinking how this creature became what he is
is it from what has happened to the poor little soul
that makes all these fantasies up?
or is he real...and just wants to make believe that this is some daydream
shaking his shaggy hair to get rid of the awful things in his head
he feels something inside of him that wants to break free
but feels that something is locked inside his chambered heart
that no one can unlock this ice cold cellar doors
but this blood lust monster feels that burning desire
that someday some little girl is going to unlock those
unforbidden doors and show what lies behind them
that they can start to recover this young girl
they take over each night...that she doesnt know whats real or fantasy
just some twisted tunnel that never becomes a happy ever after for her
just some nightmares to replay inside her head
make her scream in the middle of the night
to wake up sweating and thinking it happened again
shaking from head to toe....and then somehow
the personalites she made up washes over her
she calms down..feeling whatever desire she wants
feeling she can go back to bed
and never wake up from that haunting dreams again
but oh is she mistaken...that this awful nightmare
will play till the day she dies
and she will be haunted by them
from the souls she created inside her twisted mind
laughing,,,taunting her soul
making her feel weary,uncertain of her sanity
that she goes to the bathroom mirror
to see if she is real or something made up in a gross story
she sees something totally ghost like in the mirror
and it scares her...that she smashes her fist into the glass
feeling the blood ooze out of her fist
screaming WHERE AM I?????
screaming that for hours on end
till she stops...stares at her hands
gazing at the maroon stains and sparkling 
sliver of glass in the cuts
that she realizes that its time to put an end to this haunting story
she feels so lost that she kneels on the cold tiled floor
rocking herself back and forth
contemplating if she should rewrite a different ending or to keep it as it is
and just finish it right this moment
another few hours passes by...feeling her body grow colder by the second
that she finally comes to a conclusion and that she must take her life
just to make this ugly story stop playing inside her head
she gets to her feet very slowly....using the sink as a prop
she smiles at herself in the broken glass...
and says," goodbye my poor sweet innocent soul
its time to finish this story now".......
she then takes a shard of glass thats fallen in the sink
and slashes her wrist,arms,legs,stomach to pieces
feeling the blood stain her gorgeous satin dress
instantly she falls to the ground
hitting her head on the tiled floor
slipping into unconscience....
she sees that her story
is finally fading to blackness
and that is the last time you saw
her ocean eyes or soul again.