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Oct 6, 2008

1 Crimson Tears by Ashley Quebedeau

Crimson river of droplets
fall to the tiled floor
as I watch my hazy eyes
stare back at this different person
in the mirror
Some reason she has lost all her senses
not wanting that metal door unlocked
where in some sense she may loose
her mind and somehow her soul
Feeling it soar out of her body
flying somewhere else
and to never come back to her
The only way these haunting feelings will go away
is cutting her soft dainty flesh
watching as the blade
slides gracefully across her arm
Rose petal droplets form on her arm
after a few minutes, more flows freely
out of her veins, writing a sad story
on her arms
Showing the hardships of her life
feeling that she doesnt belong in this world
Only to wander around
an unknown cemetary
where she finds her tomb
without any problems
Dropping to her knees
the empty feeling washes through her body
as she gazes at her tomb
of sorrow and doom
She ponders,"will anyone know me"?
will anyone take this emptiness
yet no one comes to rescue her
Doesnt hear any leaves rustling
underneath any shoes
and the dread comes back
with old memories that flood her thoughts
Tears glisten her ocean eyes
springing cystal water down her
pale cheeks, as the hunger comes back
Consuming her mind
Feeling that painful tingle all through her
alertness springs forth her wretched body
making her bones tense with the growing hunger
Looking around for something sharp
to penetrate her soft flesh
but nothing couldnt be found
in the broken land
Just broken tree branches
lay fallen all around her
and nothing else close to the sharpness
she picks up a branch...starts digging it
into her arm...feeling the pain come over her
She screams with a clarified voice
satisfied what she has done to her arm
the hunger dies down a bit....only to make
her think clearly for the moment
till the cycle started again
Never to stop...till the pain finally
dies in her body...and she will never know
how long that will be