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Sep 18, 2008

0 This is fucked up...The story on Gallatin High School

Okay i found out through my mother that my old high school Gallatin High School in Gallatin,Tennessee had a rumor that gang members where going to come to school tomorrow Sept. 19, and shoot at the prep rally or at the homecoming game. All the kids where scared that they called their parents or texted them and got out of their.. Now whats fucked up is that the principal of the school is begging the kids to come to school tomorrow and that its safe to come. A..its not safe..I went to that school for 4 years and anyone could steal your id(which we had to wear/with our pic and name on it) and act like you and get through the school and can have a gun and no one will know about it.B. hes saying that its just a rumor and that the gang members are not going to go through with it. What the fuck is wrong with him...I know these gangs..Crips and Blood and they will definately kill anyone.. They have already threaten my sister..saying if she gets in the way they will shoot her..just to get revenge for their gang. Why would these people joke about this..its a real threat and the principal of the school wants to risk the lives of these children..and saying that they have security..HA no they dont..They have you can say RENT A COPS WITH NO GUNS..and dont have that many cops there with the thousand of kids that go if this took place they wouldnt be able to take care of these kids. All this principal is doing is sweeping it under the rug and wants to make Gallatin High School look like its a safe school to go mother caught him in several lies.. The reason he called my mother is saying that my sister has to make up two sessions of ESD(EXTENDED SCHOOL DAY) for kissing her boyfriend after shcool hours. Hes more concerned about that than this threat..and the other lie was that when he called her there was a FULL ASSEMBLY going at that dad flew at the school to get my sister and said it was dead... no one there except for cops.. so how could there be a full assembly going on??You tell me that. It just makes me freakin mad that the principal is worried about ESD,ISS,OR ANY OTHER DISCIPLINE FOR THE KIDS BUT NOT THE THREAT OF GANG MEMBERS. What the fuck.. you get to see how these fuckin hicks think..and its fuckin backwards. They dont care about these children..only that the school is open each and everyday. I would love it if someone will comment and tell me if this is right... and oh by the way the principal said that the PREP RALLY AND THE HOMECOMING IS STILL ON...thats messed up cuz thats when the gang members are really going to shoot..and thousands of people are going to be there.... its going to be another COLOBINE SHOOTING..and no one in that town wants to think there are any gang members in the county or any shootings gonna go on. I just wanted to clear my mind about this cuz it blows my mind away. Sorry for all the bad language and how long it is.. but its really is messed up... I have more common sense than any other hick there. Thanks for listening. Ashhy