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Sep 26, 2008

0 Dead to the World by Ashley Quebedeau

Hidden bubble thoughs
pop into your shallow mind

Only thinking of how to satisify
your own needs
Never considering what I wanted
out of this relationship

Did it ever occur to you that my heart
was in this twisted maze of yours?
Or was it your needs that just wanted me?

Do you even love me?
Or do you want another girl
to replace the memories
we've shared for awhile

Is it my fault
that I drive you into another girls arms

Am I that kind of monster
that you have to flee from me

To relieve your pains on someone else
instead of talking to me?

I was infront of you
all this time.....but I guess I
was the invisible housemaid

Just for you to wipe
your shoes all over me

Just for you to say I love you
and dont really mean it

The emptiness of those words
make my heart turn to ice

and to never trust anyone
with my fragile heart and mind

That you make me slip
in and out of sanity
from sometime now

That its hard to tell
whats real and what fiction

You've turned my fantasy world
into a barren cold land instead

Seeing this poor fallen angel
crying crimson tears

for the heartache that has happened to her
and can see the burdens all over her weary body

wings turn to bits
never to be repaired by human hands

she raises her head to the sky
and ask God why she has to hurt so much

Why confusion has to set heavy in the
pit of her stomach

Why visible/invisible scars
stay inside her mind

When all this angel ever wanted
was that one person to believe in her

and pick her up from the tainted evil
int he world
To purify her body from the
darkness that consumes her shaken body

will that love ever come back
ash she ponder on the open stars

will anyone feel ow she feels

in this maze
called a world