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Jan 28, 2012

0 Twitter Censorship Commentary

“Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.” Thomas Jefferson

Individuals are obviously missing the bigger picture who support this (Twitter's Censorship) change as a good thing. No matter how you word it, how you sugar coat it, how you look at it, it's still giving more to the governments to censor their citizens.

Let me paint this picture for you:

  • Twitter censorship in implementation.
  • X Government stifles freedoms of the press and censors their public.
  • Twitter shows tweets from X Government to the rest of the world.
  • X Government's citizens bypasses twitter easily through changing countries through twitter.
  • X Government isn't as blind and threatens twitter just the same as before.
  • Twitter complies and disables the ability for that country to change it's country.
  • People in other governments see's the censorship and it rallies support.
  • It progresses or mellows out, or progressively gets worst and people's support only becomes words because of escalations(avoidance to physical confrontations/altercations in other countries).
  • Either way, other governments start censoring freedom of speech. Now the pool of who gets to see the tweets are limited to a few countries. Those few countries censor their people, too.
  • Now every country is in censorship and Twitter might of long before changed their rules about letting the rest of the world see it; but it's mute by then (Twitter becomes a precedent for censorship).
  • People have gone to lost of freedoms and censorship and are grateful that their government does not abuse their powers more so than they already have.
  • Over time censorship progressively worsens until people need to stand up; by this time things are drastically worst and the only way to fight the tyranny would be with lost of lives.

How am I missing the big picture that history always paints to us? Do you think thing's won't progress in that direction? That acquiescing ones rights, for a short term benefit, will ever earn them freedom? Sigh, how sad that people think like this.

Would you still support twitter if they gave the information requested by their governments to death squads and oppressive regimes that would go far beyond internet censorship with the ip addresses and such? That is just ridiculously absurd.

Do you not think other governments won't fall in suite?

Let me paint you another picture:

  • Twitter doesn't comply with other government's oppressive laws.
  • The government blocks them.
  • Twitter users of that government still circumvent it (even if it's more work and troublesome).
  • There is no progression into ultimate censorship in the long run and no avenue for lost of freedoms.

Well, take care, that's just my voice.
Am I being censored yet? :P

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